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Barberton, Ohio BOOK and DVD set – $34.95 + $4 shipping

"A Pictorial History of Barberton, Ohio” – book for $24.95 + $4 shipping
This Christmas we are releasing our new 200 page hardbound book with color dustjacket is being printed in a large format on heavy glossy stock and will include hundreds of photos of Barberton from our extensive photo library. Many of these photos have never been published before or even put on public view.  If you love Barberton you need this book! Also this book would make the perfect Christmas gift for that hard to buy for older relative from Barberton. The book is set up not only chronologically but also topically, so for example the photos of Lake Anna are clustered around this interesting 15,000 year old water feature.  Lake Anna is the living, beating heart of our city. 

Only 1000 copies of the book will be printed constituting the entire run of published copies.  This book is likely to be sold out before Christmas as we already have sold over 200 copies of the 1000 copy run at the pre-publication price of $24.95.  ANY, books left unsold after the holidays will retail at the post publication price of $39.95.

"Barberton, Ohio – The First Fifty Years” – DVD for $19.95
This interesting 50 minute DVD looks at Barberton from 1891 to 1941.

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You can order online at our gift shop or by sending us a check at Barberton Historical Society, P. O. Box 666, Barberton, Ohio 44203. Remember however no matter how many sets or individual items that you order at one time there is a one time postage charge of only $4.00. 


Annual Anna Dean Farm Walking Tour is May 24, 2015 at the Pig Barn

The Barberton Historical Society conducts a annual walking tour of O. C. Barber’s Anna Dean Farm.  You can tour the interiors of the Pig Barn, Brooder Barn, Feed Barn, Barn No 1, Colt Barn, Heating House, and visit the demolished Mansion grounds for the dedication of this area as a new park containing the O.C. Barber Wishing Well.   The tour is free and open to the general public and everyone is encouraged to come and bring your families and young children.


The O. C. Barber Wishing Well


On Easter Monday in 1909, the world famous industrialist and Barberton’s founder, Ohio C. Barber, began the construction of the Barber Mansion with it’s surrounding 40-acre park. To landscape the expansive park grounds, Mr. Barber hired the famous landscape architect O. C. Simonds of Chicago.

Simonds was the founder of the “middle western movement” of landscape design and was the only Midwesterner among the 11 charter members of the American Society of Landscape Architects. It was Simonds’ design of the Barber Mansion’s landscaping that led to the creation of the stone Wishing Well, or the Old Oaken Bucket, as it was called in Barber’s day.

The Wishing Well sat on the gravel path directly due north of the Barber Mansion and was a well-visited beauty spot on the Anna Dean Farm. It was also Mr. Barber's favorite place to sit and reflect.

The Barber Mansion was demolished in 1965 and today all but two acres of the 40-acre Barber Park have been developed into home sites. One acre contains the O. C. Barber Wishing Well.

The Barberton Historical Society was recently honored by a grant of $22,500 from the Barberton Community Foundation to help us purchase and preserve the Barber Wishing Well. To commemorate the Centennial of the Anna Dean Farm in 2009, the historical society was able to purchase the O. C. Barber Wishing Well property to preserve not only the well but also the many large trees planted by the Wishing Well which were planted by Mr. Barber. Even the daffodils planted by O. C. Barber in 1910 still bloom near the wishing well. To accomplish this project we have raised a matching amount of $22,500. – AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!

Now Available
from the Barberton Historical Society

The Barberton Historical Society has three Barberton History books and one DVD currently available. Vist our giftshop page to order. Buy books

  • A Pictorial History of Barberton, Ohio” by Stephen Kelleher
  • Construction of O. C. Barber, Anna Dean Farm” by Gnap and Kelleher
  • America’s Match King- Ohio Columbus Barber” by W. F. Fleming
  • Ghosts Along the Tuscarawas” by Kelleher and King
  • Anna Dean Farm – A Centennial Remembrancea DVD by Young


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"The Anna Dean Farm can give you what you need, all that you desire, and more than you deserve."
-Ohio C. Barber 1915-

Annadeanfarm.com is the website of the Barberton Historical Society and we will attempt to show you Ohio C. Barber's Anna Dean Farm. The view of this website is to show the Anna Dean Farm as it would look in 1915. Unfortunately today, only 8 of the original 35 Anna Dean Farm buildings survive. The Barberton Historical Society owns five of the remaining eight Anna Dean Farm buildings, which we are currently restoring. Please visit all of the buildings on the Anna Dean Farm, but why not start with the Mansion of O. C. Barber, which upon its completion in 1910, was considered to be the finest mansion between New York and Chicago. The first thing you will encounter on the site are the floor plans of the Mansion. To take a virtual tour of the Mansion you will only need to click on the individual room.

The Barberton Historical Society is a non profit 501(c) 3 organization, so all of your donations are tax deductible. If you would like to help us our please visit our gift shop, or click on our DONATIONS button below which contains information on how you can make a tax deductible donation to help preserve the remaining Anna Dean Farm buildings.

In the meantime to contact us to ask us any questions, you can reach us via e-mail at Barbertonhistsoc@aol.com or call us directly at 330-830-1444. We have over 3000 individual photos of the Anna Dean Farm and Barberton Ohio. However we are always looking for more. Please keep us in mind for any old photos of Barberton.


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