Colt Barn

This is the Colt Barn, which was built directly due west of Barn No 2 , on the south side of Anna Dean Lane. The Colt Barn was the smallest barn built on the Anna Dean Farm in the Barber style of Beaux Arts architecture that Mr. Barber was so fond of. The Colt Barn was constructed in 1910 to house bulls, and originally named Bull Barn No 2. In 1912, the Colt Barn was converted from a bull barn, to house colts and the mares in fold This occurred after Barn No. 2 was converted from a cow barn to a horse barn.

Originally constructed as a bull barn here we see the original bull run area on the east side of Colt Barn. After the colts were moved into this building the bull run area was modified into a fenced in paddock for the colts and mares to graze.

This is a view of the Colt Barn today showing the patriot red, white and blue color scheme of the Colt Barn and the Anna Dean Farm barns.

Interior view of the stanchion area of the first floor of the Colt Barn. This building was originally set up for bulls, but converted to housing colts in 1912.

Upper hay mow area of the Colt Barn. The large concrete shoots allow hay to be lowered to the first floor for the animals.


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